Time-of-Day Rate Pilot Customer Communication

I worked with several different internal groups in developing informational pieces around a new electric rate. It was a trial period and interested customers could opt into the rate voluntarily. Due to the complexity of the rate, there was a lot of information that needed to be included and potential concerns addressed. I worked with the rate facilitators on a series of information graphics (included in the initial solicitation, welcome packet and on the website) to help customers understand the benefits and risks associated with the rate and how they could get the best fit for themselves.

I created a distinctive mark for branding all our pieces around this rate pilot (above). I used 24 colored balls in a circle to symbolize all the hours in a day since the pilot was hour based. I carried this design idea through all of my infographic pieces in the solicitation brochure, welcome booklet and website. 

Screenshot 2017-11-27 13.37.31.png

Welcome Booklet

The welcome booklet was one of my favorite pieces. It included such comprehensive information for customers but did so in an organized fashion. We included bill examples, info graphics, color-coded sections and tips for getting the most out of the rate. See the whole book here »