The Dog Bandana

The owner of The Dog Bandana initially approached me to see what ideas I could come up with to improve his brand. He'd seen my technical illustrations for another client and was interested in incorporating hand-drawn elements. I brainstormed several ideas with him and we settled on a combination of illustration and photos for product display to add some visual interest while still displaying the products in photos for shoppers.


Jackson in profile

The dog I used for my model is none other than the owner's dog, Jackson. He was an inspiration for the business in the first place, so it made sense to use him to be the "face" of the brand.

The Minimalist Diagram-Words.jpg

The Minimalist - Features Highlighted

I designed and illustrated this piece with graphite and colored pencil. The pencil style fits well with the dog profile drawing that models each product on the site.

The Signature Diagram-Words.jpg

The Signature - Features Highlighted

This illustration shows the features of the style, so shoppers can clearly see the features of each style in a playful way. I illustrated both layers and combined them into one graphic.