Park Point Art Fair

June 2014, Park Point Art Fair
Duluth, MN

Exhibitor in painting for the 2-day show, work includes acrylic on canvas and gouache on Bristol board.

I began work on this collection with a different mindset. I wanted to isolate each element on a field of white as opposed to showing it in the natural environment. All of these plants I found extremely interesting, I took my time in observation of their colors, patterns and details as I worked. It really helped me zero in on their unique shapes and appreciate them all the more.


November 2010, Hosted by Highline Community College
Des Moines, WA

Solo exhibition, all work created in 2010
Oil on canvas

Plants are far from human, but they share an interesting characteristic with us; we can both be replanted. In this series, I've explored some of my own times of replanting; the emotions and difficulties of uprooting myself and the journey of rebuilding my sense of home and security in unfamiliar soil.