Pattern Conspiracy

May 26, 2016-June 23, 2016

This solo exhibition featured paintings, fabric designs, choreography, live performance and costume designs. The opening was on May 26, 2016, at the Depot in downtown Duluth, MN. This event was sponsored by the Duluth Art Institute and the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council.

Artistic Statement

Woven into the fabric of reality is pattern. It’s written in our DNA … in fact our DNA is delicate, undulating pattern of information, an amazing combination of form and function. Everywhere you look, whether through a microscope or a telescope, there's pattern. Conspiracy? Maybe. You see it, feel it and live it every day. Pattern gives poetry it’s meter, music it’s rhythm. It dazzles our eyes and moves our hearts. My obsession with this conspiracy leads me to respond in kind, celebrating the patterns I love most and allowing that celebration to move through me and into new expressions of pattern. In the process of observing and creating, I'm able to explore the conspirators and see the beautiful connections we all share. 


The Event

The opening was be unique. I displayed 3 sets of pieces and each set included a large painting of natural pattern, a few designed pieces inspired by the painting, and live performances with the choreography being a pattern itself. The live performance featuring dancers wearing my own fabric designs within the same vein. Gallery visitors had the opportunity to see the pattern concept of each "set" in a variety of disciplines. The performers in this show were Lisa McKhann, Erin Tope, Melinda Van der Vieren and Andrea Smith, along with myself.

Show opening, May 26, 2016

Show opening, May 26, 2016