Save energy, like Jingle!

The holidays are fun, why should your holiday messaging to your customers be fun too? That was my though when I created the Jingle campaign. It began as a bill insert, but we quickly decided that it was just too fun not to branch into other communication platforms.


Creating the elf

The magical idea of an elf coming to life while you're asleep or away is not mine originally, but the elf we used for our photos needed to be! To make sure we were in the clear with copyrights, I created my own elf from scratch. I took apart a cheap baby doll, painted the face  and hair while a co-worker made a body and clothes with wire, felt and fiber fill. Once we had our elf, we set up and shot the photos and I designed each print and digital piece we used in the campaign.

Screenshot 2017-11-27 15.46.18.png

Jingle gets around

We also used photos of jingle, along with cleverly written ad copy, for ads in local newspapers. As our employees started seeing jingle around, we decided to shoot another photo that featured our brand and use it for holiday cards as well. 

Screenshot 2017-11-27 15.43.46.png

Social media starlet

We created a series of energy-focused posts for our facebook page between Thanksgiving and New Years, all featuring Jingle. This post, encouraging the use of LED holiday lights, was shared and liked by many! We used the same image in several digital ads as well.

All in all, we saw significant uptick in our social media interaction when Jingle was front and center. For the month of January, we created "Jingle" cover images for our company Facebook and Twitter pages.