Illustration + Design

I love incorporating custom illustration into projects. The combination of a designer's planning and strategy with an illustrators technical skill is something unique I bring to the table with my clients.

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The Dog Bandana

A fun blend of razor sharp pencil illustration and bright product photos make for a unique online shopping experience. 


Inpro Corp.

A digital sales tool takes a new tack with technical illustrations (provided by yours truly). I worked with the technical professionals in getting every detail spot on in these illustrations. Customers and sales associates alike appreciate having a clear picture of the many options they have in window treatments from Inpro.


Energy-Saving Heroes

Minnesota Power’s energy conservation program regularly sponsors, coordinates, and participates in community events in an effort to connect with customers face-to-face. To spice up our booths, we set out to develop something, fun, innovative, and playful to engage our customers (young and old) in a new way.  While brainstorming, we thought about the popularity of superheroes and played with the idea of a world with energy-saving super heroes who fight against energy-wasting villains. The idea took off and I illustrated a slew of heroes and villains to bring the concept to life and to use in a variety of promotions and initiatives.