Energy Heroes

The energy heroes campaign was fun to work on, but I think our customers had even more fun with them! I created pieces for customer engagement events, digital designs for social media and our website, and an internal campaign to get our employees on board with saving energy. 


Creating the characters

I confess that I was not the one to come up with the idea of having energy heroes and villains, but I certainly was the one to create them using Adobe Illustrator. I also came up with each of the energy villains (with feedback and notes from the rest of the team) and illustrated them for this playful campaign.


Interacting with customers 

An interactive piece we created for engagement events was the "Be a Hero" photo opp. With Duluth as the backdrop, the heroes are flying into action and customers visiting our booth could pop their faces into the scene and take a photo (like the one above). Kids and adults alike enjoyed this activity, adding some extra fun to our energy conservation table.

Employees at the events got into the fun, wearing t-shirts with the super "e" on the front and encouraging visitors to "Be a Hero" and distributing coloring sheets for kids. We held several coloring contests for kids over the course of 18 months and collected some great entries! Each winner was given a fun, energy-saving prize and was featured on our website.


Digital Communication

Starting with our website, we engaged customers digitally using our heroes and villains. Above is a page we created on our website where customers could select a villain (in the circles). Once selected, the villain would be in color and the copy below would change, first highlighting the energy drain they were, then below that how customers could be a hero and defeat the villain. On our Facebook page, we "introduced" each villain in separate posts. Each post also included information on how to defeat them and a link back to our website for additional information. 

For our employees, we created a page on our intranet site with information about saving energy and several contest. One contest had the prize of doughnuts and coffee for your entire department!