Communication Campaigns

These projects all include a multi-media approach to communicating with customers, often over the course of months. In each case, I was able to collaborate with several people or groups of people on the project. 

Screenshot 2017-11-27 15.19.49.png

Save energy, like Jingle

A playful way to engage customers with low-cost and no-cost ways to save energy during the holiday season, Jingle was a social media sensation! 

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Time-of-Day Rate Pilot

I worked with several technical groups in developing the communication campaign around this pilot rate. The rate itself was fairly complex, so the challenge was communicating all the necessary information clearly and also encouraging customers to consider volunteering for the study. 

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Energy Design Conference

This annual, energy efficient building conference in Duluth, MN, is quite the event! Communication begins 6 months before the conference with prospective presenters, exhibitors and attendees. We use many channels to get the word out to a wide variety of people.