Artist Statement

I'm a multidisciplinary artist fascinated with two things; finding interesting patterns in the world around me and translating them to another form that creates something new.

I find myself drawn to the visual patterns of plants and living organisms, particularly as they layer and repeat themselves in nature. I create paintings, dances, drawings and digital designs that spring from those found patterns. Each piece is a translation of the original pattern into a new creation. I then translate my translations from one discipline to another. For example, I can take a painted translation and translate that into a sequence of movement in space. The pattern takes on a new life in each layer of creation, becoming a wholly new form or experience.

Through each discipline, I explore the complexity of both the pattern and the process of translation. Similar to language translators, I aim to render the core ideas of the patterns I observe over an exact replication of the facts. Much like language, patterns in nature are alive, dynamic and constantly changing. This reality makes the challenge of observing and translating them even more intriguing to me.


Naomi had the good fortune of being raised in a family full of creative people, her earliest memories include making beautiful things any way she could. In 2006, she earned her BFA from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point in Art & Design with a minor in Dance, exhibiting and performing throughout her time there.

After graduation, she moved to Vancouver, WA, where she danced for several years with local groups and exhibited numerous paintings while working professionally as a web designer. She moved to Duluth, MN, in 2010 and continued to pursue opportunities in performance and exhibition while working as a graphic designer. She performed in the Duluth Playhouse’s production of A Chorus Line in 2012, and in Dances on the Lakewalk in 2013-2018 (choreographing for the show 2016-2018)In 2016, she had the opportunity to craft a solo exhibition through the Duluth Art Institute at the Depot, Pattern Conspiracy, which featured her paintings, dances, fabric designs and costume designs.

In 2018, she transitioned from working primarily in graphic design to a full-time focus on art. She enjoys pursuing both visual and performance art in her career, and finds that they feed off of and into one other. When her work is at its best, (whether it's illustration, design, choreography or painting) it is playful, colorful and intricate. She lives with her forester husband, Clark, and cat, Mel Tormé, in Duluth.