About Me

I am an artist who paints all kinds of things from pet portraits to abstract conceptual pieces. The problem I am seeing is that I’m all over the board and have a difficult time sometimes articulating who I am as an artist to those who inquire. Instead of keeping everything I enjoy in painting in separate categories (personal portraits, pet portraits, abstract pieces, plant life, chickens etc), I’d like to find a way to blend them into a more cohesive style. As I start this blog, I have no idea exactly what that will mean or where I’m going stylistically. However, I recognize that I’ve begun to settle for what’s easy and safe and fun to do. I’d like to take more risks creatively while still incorporating the things I enjoy.

If I’ve invited you to check out this blog, it’s because I value your opinion and welcome your feedback as I post pictures of works in progress. Feel free to comment, share first impressions, and ask questions to start conversations.

Thanks for being a part of the process with me!

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